Caribbean Cruise 2015, leaving Fort Lauderdale, school@sea

It’s been a while… a week without internet is an interesting experience these days… but now I’m home and it’s time to catch up.

Sunday afternoon found us on board the Independence of the Seas waiting our turn to leave port. There were probably five ships in line.


Here’s one that we watched execute a three point turn before heading out to sea.


A cruise is synonymous with food in some people’s books and this one was no exception. We enjoyed a good dinner, followed by a get to know you reception  and then I retired early ready to start work the next day.

My classes were scheduled for the evening so I was able to watch the inimitable Kaye England in action…

There’s no slacking in Kaye’s class!!

I set my classroom up in the afternoon,


all ready for my students who came from a formal dinner via the Captain’s reception…


Wine glasses were in evidence and there was a lot of laughter,


and some stitching.


And that was the first day!