Bowling along in scraps.

I had a good full class of students show up on Sunday for my Wrapped in Scraps class at Quilters Quest. After a brief introduction and demo everyone set to work.

I have found that unwinding the clothes line and making it into a ball really helps with the tangles and some of the twist in the cord.


Bowls soon started taking shape.


Some wanted to make  discs ready for a table runner. The blue strip added a pop to this one.


This multi colored batik was a super choice.


We had a brief lunch break but everyone kept working steadily along.


Mimi’s bowl looked lovely.


Here’s some of the finished projects… Note the oval shape!


This pretty one has a little way to go!


Something we learned… If you are using a machine with a wide stitch width and therefore a wider foot you need to move the needle over to the left to make a good turn… you know who you are!

Lots of fun. I think some lucky people will be getting bowls for Christmas!


Two and a half weeks until Portland and Quilt! Knit! Stitch! The countdown begins…

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