Before I go…

I’m headed over the Atlantic in a few hours so before I leave I will quickly catch up …

I had the kits for these last three Count On It mini quilts for four weeks before I finally got to them… It took 5 1/2 hours to get them done. I really liked Nancy’s color choices on these even if we have a whole summer to go through before October!!

I didn’t feel I could begin my April Imperial Blooms block until my “real” work was done. Friday was the right day. I had 5 hours of Royal Wedding recorded which was enough time to make a good start and then I continued on through Saturday and Sunday, just one day into May. The loose weave cotton pieces presented a challenge but I pushed through…

Here is the finished block 

and a close up,

I started this African Folklore teacup in the last class I taught so it didn’t take long to add some ribbon leaves and bead and sequin flowers…
I’m not sure how I’ll finish it off but it can wait until I return.
And just one picture of Benjamin, not quite walking yet, but a very trendy hairdo for his trip to Naperville.
So, I’d better finish the packing, I’ll be at Heathrow in less than 12 hours ready for another adventure!

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  1. Carol said:

    I don’t know why I have never seen your blog before, but its great!!

    June 9, 2011

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