Back to Bloomington (Indiana)

Two hundred and fifty miles is two hundred and fifty miles, which ever way you look at it…. but the sun was shining on Tuesday, and there weren’t any real hold ups in the construction zones on the route south to the Bloomington Quilters Guild.

There was just time to check in to my hotel before I was due to meet the committee ladies for dinner. I really should have read the signs on the parking meters more carefully but I do now have a new App on my phone for almost pain free parking… I only found the coin slot when I returned to the car 😉

The guild meeting started with some business and then we were on to “Community” Show and Tell, all quilts to be donated to good causes.
String quilts were popular.This one will be a fun quilt for a child?It was going to take a few trips to get them all out to the car?More business followed. The Sunshine and Shadows team were wearing sunny yellow tees for their announcements.More Show and Tell. This time the quilts were going home with their makers 🙂

Cute owls for a new granddaughter.A big bed-sized quilt.A more modern quilt.Mini quilts using patterns from Editya Sitar’s book, A Handful of Scraps,and one more that I need to include in today’s gallery!My program came next. There was a good crowd in the hall and they posed well for the photo that makes today’s featured image. Good times!

I had been practicing getting out of bed, ready for being in the eastern time zone, so I was all set up ready to begin our  Walking Foot Quilting class, prompt on Wednesday morning.

Happy stitchers,on both sides of the room,and right to the back row!Six hours of straight lines, serpentines, spirals and more later…Program chair Laura and I got our picture takenand I was done! Time for an early night before the drive back home again.

When near Indianapolis where better to call in than to Crimson Tate? Heather and Crimson David make me feel so welcome… I know they are kind to everyone. David even takes pictures from such a flattering angle!I boosted the Massachusetts Avenue economy with just a little shopping and then I really did need to get on the road and head home.

The weather forecast had looked pretty grim but I missed all the thunderstorms and only met a few light showers on the way north.


There was good news last night. Baby Lucy Jane arrived in Nashville! No photographs for you now but I have a trip planned in a few weeks. There will be lots of pictures then. It’s all family and friends time now until almost the end of June. I need to stitch some butterflies?



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  1. Sue Connell said:

    We really enjoyed your presentation, your humo(u)r, and your very informative workshop. Please come visit us again soon. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

    May 7, 2018

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