At home.

So, I have been home for more than two weeks and it would seem from my lack of presence in the blogosphere that I have been sitting around, watching TV and eating bon-bons?


Well, not quite…

I have actually submitted a few proposals to keep me busy next year. I’m not very good at them but I guess practice will help. I sent a check to the state of Iowa for the sales tax I collected in Des Moines. More paper work…

I sent my hexagon quilt to Coats for their display at Quilt Market. I hope they like it.

DSC05829 The grandchildren came for a visit. Here we are at the park with Matt.

DSC05840 I am now an expert on Thomas The Tank Engine and his friends. He seems to have a whole lot more friends than he did twenty five years ago. Girl engines? What next?


I have been working on my stuff for Houston. Here is my Yo-Yo Flower Pin for Make It University! 

DSC05860 If you look at the MIU schedule you will see that I am doing a little Wool Needle Case too.


I have made all the kits for the classes. I just need to do some instruction sheets (more of the dreaded paper work) and I will be set.


Meanwhile it was the annual Small Quilt Auction at Riverwalk Quilters. There were lots of quilts to choose from.

DSC05863 DSC05865 It was fun to sit and enjoy everyone else’s busyness this year. The live auctioneer was as animated as usual and a good sum was added to the guild’s coffers.


My stephanotis plant was just budding when I left for Iowa and I gave Steve instructions to keep it alive until I got back… he exceeded expectations and we have been enjoying the flowers for several weeks now.

DSC05872 I bought the plant last year and never expected it to survive the winter so it has been a nice surprise to see it covered with beautiful blooms!


On Saturday I had my first class at Quilter’s Quest. Here are the ladies working on their walking foot machine quilting in Machine Quilting 1 …

DSC05875 DSC05876 DSC05877 DSC05878 They did a great job stitching, basting and quilting their pieces. I trust they are now busy finishing off all their quilts at home…


Last but not least it is the time of year for the Fiber Divas annual show at the Naperville Art League. We had our artist’s reception on Sunday.

Here is Cheryl showing how she does her fabric manipulation techniques.


Meanwhile, Yvette was doing an excellent job showing guests around the display. Here she just happens to be in front of some of my hexagon quilts!


The show is going on until Saturday. My camera ran out of battery power after those two pictures so I am planning on going back to take some more. There is a wonderful variety of work on display this year. I think it shows real growth in our group!


This time next week I should have my bags about packed for going to Quilt Festival. I need to make a list. But first I have my hair appointment…


  1. Vicky Laws said:

    Love your photos – your hexagon quilts and wool cases are adorable. Have a great time in Houston – MIU

    October 22, 2013
    • catherineredford said:

      Thanks Vicky!

      October 23, 2013

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