All at Sea!

And off we went! The sun was setting as we left the Port of Galveston.


That sounds more romantic than it really was, as we passed all sorts of rusty oil rigs on our way out to sea, but it was fun watching the pelicans diving for fish!

So the Navigator of the Seas was to be home for the next week…


This is the view down the Promenade on Deck 5. We drank a lot of coffee from the Starbucks on the left and did a little shopping from time to time in the little boutiques along the way!

Next morning was time for the first class. Sheila did an amazing job of setting up the class room…


And here are the students.


I had around twenty or so students in each class. It was obligatory to enjoy oneself and smile for the camera!


One class led to another…


We had a super room to stitch in with lots of space and good lighting. Everyone was working on the printed panel I had designed. We started with chain stitch and went from there.

Razzle Dazzle from Superior Threads is great for embellishment…


For some reason I decided I needed to be up to watch the sun rise on Tuesday morning. This shot was taken at 5.45 AM!!


The wind was beginning to come up and the waves got bigger. It was time for some non-drowsy Dramamine and a large Diet Coke. One or two people just collected their kits and retreated but everyone else swayed with the ship and watched as I threaded my needle,


and demonstrated some stitches…


What with room service breakfast, lunch and a three course dinner in the lovely dining room we kept busy those first two days at sea. In no time at all we were approaching the island of Roatan.


But more of that tomorrow…


  1. SheriB said:

    Love it! Thank you for the vicarious voyage. Looking forward to more. The promenade and sunrise both made me go “ooo!”

    November 12, 2014
  2. Sandra Hess said:

    Love cruises. This one looks great.

    November 12, 2014

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