A New Year has arrived!

It’s really sort of inevitable isn’t it? Christmas has gone and a New Year is here already…

First Christmas. I think Benjamin and Matt quite liked their new hipster hat and scarf sets. They “cheesed” for the camera quite readily.

The next picture might teach Julia to give me a sensible pose in future because it’s the only photo I got of her in her new skirt…

Julia had sent me a link for a skirt in Target that she thought I might like to knit…. Being a good mother I went off and bought said skirt and after a lot of knitting with some very nice yarn (from Home Ec. in Iowa City) the duplicate skirt was made. So, Julia got two new skirts in her Christmas bag, what a lucky girl.

Somehow, the rest of the family avoided home made presents. Didn’t they do well?


Then it was time for the mug rug exchange at Naperville Modern Quilt Guild so I set to work on those and had two to take along.

This one was about 8″ square, featuring hexagon flowers stitched together with monofilament thread…

The second one came in at about 5″ by 8″. More hexagons, on a background left over from the aqua, tangerine and grey challenge. I was running short on time so it got a satin stitched edge treatment…

I signed them both with a free-motioned signature and put them on the pile…

There was a good looking selection by the time everyone had added theirs in.

Then came the fun of picking. Cheryl came up with a very good way selection method involving a pack of cards and there was NO STEALING!!

I came away with a modern rainbow from Tina,
and a very pretty 16 patch from Maureen.

It was a fun evening. We discussed plans for the new year and are looking forward to a packed schedule.


On Friday I heard from QuiltCon that my little quilt has been juried into the miniature category. That’s the “placemat” for those that care…

Now I will have to add a hanging sleeve and a label before I send it in. It will not be a big package. My other two entries were turned down, but I am coping well with the rejection… I have booked my air tickets and am looking forward to the show.


Meanwhile, I dug out the paper beads and heisha beads and finished my entry into the African Folklore Embroidery exhibit for Road to California, coming up shortly. Julia seems to be featuring a lot today because here she is again…

I asked nicely and she took some pictures for me. First, from a distance.

and then the close ups.

I do still have to put the label on the back and then it will be on its way. My tickets are bought for that show too. Southern California and Austin are sounding quite good right now. It’s 24 degrees outside here. I wouldn’t even mind if it snows while I am away…

Two days into the New Year! I am booked to speak at Heritage Quilters in Lockport next week and then the Country Quilters of McHenry the first week of February. Seems like a good start to 2013 to me? I still haven’t cleared up my studio…



  1. Stephanie Rose said:

    Love the mug rugs. A great exchange idea. Congrats on having your mini accepted to the show.

    January 2, 2013
  2. michele said:

    Wow, Catherine, your year is off to a wondrous start! I would love to get a closer look at your African Folklore Embroidery–it is gorgeous here but I bet it would be jaw-dropping in person! I remember how impassioned you were talking about your interest in African folklore outside Gentler Times–oh, how I wish I could have stayed in the guild :O(
    I will be attending Quilt Con too & hope to see you there.

    January 6, 2013

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