A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I had big plans for last week. Aim high and you might get somewhere?

I purchased a beautiful selection of Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture solids for a project that I am very excited about. They are my featured image for today’s post. I am so looking forward to working with them…

But then reality struck and I got an e-mail asking me about my Beyond the Basics of English Paper Piecing class I am going to be teaching for the Northern Lake County Quilters Guild in August. It’s one thing signing a contract more than a year in advance but then people actually need details? I understand that. I was program for Riverwalk Quilters twice. So, a class description and supply list/kit fee… Let me think about it.

I had bought the papers and templates for Georgetown Circle last year from my friends at Paper Pieces. Let me give that a try.

I made one round of spikes and one of curved tumblers using Indah Solids from Hoffman Fabrics ME+YOU line…Interesting, but too slow and a little pricey for my class.

I’ll try some diamonds.

One and a half inch diamonds…Looking better. I’ll add some simple hexagons and just enough clamshells to give them a try, add some sashing, a little batting…

We have a sampler!I think that covers it?

It rained a lot last week and I’m blaming that for the state of my pictures… I mailed the sampler on Monday so it’s too late to try and get a better photograph. I hope you get the idea! I wrote the class description and supply list and sent that too. Now all we need are some students.


Back to my plans… I did spend a day working things out, tweaking a few ideas and I am further along. I’m almost ready to cut into my chosen fabrics…


Meanwhile, Quilts Inc. published their teachers’ list for Quilt Festival.Find the complete list on the faculty page. I’m going to be busy.

This is what I’ll be doing…

Monday October 30th

#143 Luncheon Lecture—Lessons Learned While Quilting

#175 Iron Quilter Challenge

Tuesday October 31st

#248 Walking Foot Quilting—Get Out of the Ditch!

#270 Walking Foot Quilting—Get Out of the Ditch!

Wednesday November 1st

#360 Walking Foot Quilting—Get Out of the Ditch!

#389 Wrapped in Scraps Bowl

Thursday November 2nd

#463 Machine Quilting Forum—Modern Machine Quilting—Straight Lines, Serpentines, Spirals, and More

Friday November 3rd

#556 Friday Sampler—Embellished Folk Art Stitches

Saturday November 4th

#728 Exploration of Folk Art Embroidery

I guess if you’ve ever wanted to join me for my walking foot quilting class you will have plenty of opportunity. I will also be signing up for some Open Studio spots. With all that free time to fill (compared to last year) I’ll be able to look at the quilts too! My Trip Around the World Quilts will be on display so maybe I’ll hang out with them on occasion?


Yesterday my new catalog arrived from Brewer, the wholesale distributor I use for some of my class supplies. I had a secret wish that I’d only shared with a few people… it came true!!

Here on page 39,Did you spot it? Number 36… I was so hoping my book would make it in to the catalog… I don’t know that it means anything really but it certainly feels great to me 🙂

I sent a copy of the book to my friend Faith Jones at Fresh Lemons. She’s going to be writing about it sometime soon. Kathy Matthews and Bonnie Hunter are also checking it out. I’ll let you know when they have something to say. There will be a giveaway coming up in the middle of the month…


Today I’m finishing packing my bags before heading off to the airport again. Tonight I will be sleeping in California.

It’s the Inland Empire Quilters Guild Quilt Show this weekend. I am actually a member of the guild. Tomorrow I’m going to be putting in some volunteer hours trying to be useful helping set up the show. Join us at the Norco Fairgrounds if you happen to be in the area. Friday and Saturday I’m going to do some demos and hope to sell some books… It’s going to be fun. I’m staying with Sheila and the weather forecast is in the 80s. I’m looking forward to some palm trees and sun!