A blast from the past

I was wasting time the other day when I came across a picture of a cross stitch design I had published in CrossStitcher magazine in 1995! Ariadne from Greece had saved the design and decided now was the time to stitch it for a Christmas ornament challenge she and others are blogging about. A cute robin even if I say it myself. The site isn’t open to comments from outsiders or I would have told her how excited I was to see it  there.

That was my one published design… I actually submitted it before we moved here and it was published in the October ’95 issue and again in a Christmas special a few years later. Here it is in the original issue, along with my stitched out sample. All designed on graph paper with colored pencils. Those were the days…

I have no idea how I concentrated on all those little squares back then. I am not tempted to go back there in the slightest!