Wrapping at Quilt Guild

Tuesday evening was School House night at Riverwalk Quilters Guild. Heidi had us organized by subject, four classes plus recess. Surprise, surprise, I was the “English Teacher”…DSC05245

I set my table up for my It’s a Wrap demo,
and after a short business meeting off we went.

Here I am showing the all important center technique to my attentive students. Some made notes on the hand outs and some just listened. I didn’t see anyone doodling.

By the fifth group I had handled an empty bobbin and a broken needle. There were also the students who just wanted to wear the bowls… (sorry, no pics!)

I had to cut down on the talking after the first try and actually managed to finish three bowls completely… the broken needle did hamper my style.

It was a fun evening, I’m looking forward to seeing some bowls in next month’s show and tell!