Wool applique samples. Made!

The holidays are over. I’m back to work. I’ve remembered what I was supposed to be doing when I was watching all those Hallmark movies…

I used to be Contracts and Programs Chair for our Quilt Guild. In fact, I’ve held the position twice so I know how important it is for the invited teacher to provide samples for the classes she’s going to teach.

Well now I know why some of the teachers weren’t always prompt in sending their pieces to me…

Multiple bookings need multiple samples!!

I have several wool applique classes coming up in the next few months and they are all in different places and need a separate worked piece. I use a little pattern of my own design that covers all the basics needed for successful wool appliqué with just a little embellishment.

I decide the most efficient way to complete the task would be to do all four at once. I cut the shapes, prepared the cotton circle, basted and stitched…

IMG_4843 I use Wonderfil Invisafil 100wt polyester thread to appliqué the cotton circle and Genziana 12wt wool/acrylic thread for whipstitching the wool.IMG_4847 Then I set to stitching the embellishment embroidery threads with 8wt. hand dyed threads from House of Embroidery.

Buttonhole/blanket stitching around the large circle.IMG_4850 Stem stitch, fly stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy and bullions in green.IMG_4851Yellow lazy daisies, french knots, pistil and running stitches.
IMG_4852And finished with cross stitches in violet.IMG_4876

Four times…

IMG_4856And a couple of close-ups.IMG_4860

IMG_4861Then, just because I could, and I already had the shapes stitched down, I embellished another little square, including some more difficult stitches…. crested chain, a whipped woven circle and a couple of drizzle stitches.IMG_4878All in the same pink and purple variegated thread, shown off in all its glory in that continuous cross stitch around the circle.IMG_4883

All finished while I was watching the first episode of the last series of Downton Abbey, amongst other things. Thank you PBS for your absence of commercials. It does break my concentration somewhat when I have to fast forward through the adverts on those other stations…


I’ve also been working on my Walking Foot Quilting samples and some Happy Scrappy Improv quilts. Everything will be ready to go in the mail tomorrow, along with my quilt headed to QuiltCon.

And then it will be time to move onto the next project!


P.S. If you’re in the area I am teaching a wool appliqué class, using this design at Quilters Quest next Friday, the 15th January. There are still a few places if you want to join in. I’ll also be teaching the full six hour class at International Quilt Festival-Chicago in April. Registration is now open!


  1. Susan Earl said:

    Thank you for the time it takes to make these posts. I enjoy reading them and awing over the pictures. Hoping to see you in North Dakota in the fall. I live about three hours north in Canada.

    January 6, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      Susan, thanks for your comments. I’ll look forward to seeing you in October!

      January 6, 2016
  2. Thank you for your wonderful creative ideas combining quilting and applique. I am trying this as soon as I put away Christmas.

    January 6, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      Happy Stitching Maryann!

      January 6, 2016
  3. Marcy said:

    Beautiful and creative!

    January 10, 2016
  4. Georjana Mauldin said:

    Love your work … and Hallmark movies too

    January 4, 2018

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