Three weeks, staying in STITCHES and more!

Coming up with new titles for my blog posts is probably not my strong suit but you have to give me a couple of points for trying?

It’s been an interesting three weeks out in what counts for the real world, but inside these four walls life has continued.

I enjoyed three days teaching with STITCHES Expo. It’s a different set up to the at Home events with shorter classes and an interactive vendor mall to keep everyone happy.

I start each class all neat and tidy. Here’s my set up for Dorset Buttons, just waiting for me to insert my phone for close up shots and ready to log in.
We had a full class and I think everybody managed to get at least one button made, some were well on their way to their second.
Next up was a two hour Intro to Folk Art Stitching. There was definitely progress.My Walking Foot Quilting workshop was four hours, split over two days so students got extra stitching time on their own. I have my machine set into the table and can show exactly how I tackle my quilting lines.The table did not look that tidy by the end of the class!!

In between sessions I made a quick trip out to BERNINA of Naperville where I had something waiting for me!!

Ta-da!My new Laurastar iron! It took quite an effort to get it up the stairs and out of the box but I am very excited… That’s something for another blog post 🙂

I also came home with a yard of fabric. Yes, just one yard from Tula Pink’s new Linework designs for Free Spirit.

I had seen it previewed on line and knew I needed it for some slow Sashiko stitching…

What do you think?
The one eighth inch grid takes all the guess work out!Then mid-week I popped over to see my friend Lynn at A Different Box of Crayons in Glen Ellyn. We had a grand old time doing a Facebook live hour for her Wednesday Website Workshop. You can see it here.

Today’s featured image shows my butterfly quilts, all displayed in the store, ready for close-ups!

The leaves have been falling from the trees. It is that time of year. Matt decided it was time to get them to the curb and the family came too.

Ruby kept busy stitching…Benjamin finished his puzzle (with just a little help).Matt also cleaned the gutters, so now we are all set for the winter.

Back to Zoom!

The Fair City Quilters in Sandwich were good sports for a Dorset Button lecture/workshop combo. I managed to get a picture before everyone disappeared at the end.Time for more of that slow stitching. Jane Haworth (@janehquilter) had posted a rather splendid Japanese Rice Pouch on her Instagram feed. It was so splendid that I actually went on line and bough the pattern from kzstevens.

I made a 25″ x 8″ panel of stitching. It took a few days…

And then I made the bag! The new iron came into its own to press the panel out flat without distorting the stitching. The stabilizer went on without puckers. Magic!

Accurate stitching is not one of my super powers but I followed the instructions and wow… everything came together and matched up and I got a rice pouch.I had the tape from some Free Spirit fat quarter stacks to use for the ties. I’m not sure they are the prettiest choice, I will probably make some new ones in the future, but they work for now.What to keep in it… that is the question?

On to something new… I started a new set of embroideries.We’ll see where I go with these?


Talking of going places, we are staying home for Thanksgiving. We had thought of joining the family in Rockford, but that plan doesn’t actually match CDC guidelines. Then one of Ruby’s classmates tested positive so Ruby is quarantined, and that sealed the deal. I’m not sure what I’ll be cooking. Not turkey, but don’t worry Steve will get dinner!

And, on the theme of staying home, I have booked lots more classes. It’s not too late to sign up for my in-depth wool appliqué class with STITCHES at home, coming up in December. Then there’s two classes with Road@home in January, including the brand new, Walking Foot Quilting – Under the Surface. As always, everything is on my calendar page with the links. maybe I will see you in class?

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask 😷

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  1. wannajava said:

    Love the stitching on the panel, I need to try that.
    But please tell me about your ironing board, what kind is it.
    My ironing board has rusted through, I couldn’t believe it.

    November 25, 2020

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