Stitching merrily along…

I seem to be spending a large part of my day hand stitching at the moment. I embroidered through a whole season of HGTV “Design Star” earlier in the week. Then there was “Ramsey Behind Bars” on BBC America… only the best for me!!

So, moving on from hexagons, I’ve finished some more African Folklore Embroidery designs. Here’s the Flower Pot.

DSC05264and a close-up.

DSC05267Next up is the Star Gazer Lily,

DSC05268with a closer view,

DSC05269And here’s a Tea Cup.

DSC05262Yes, I have a detail view of this one too!

DSC05263They might need some beads to be truly finished but I’m not sure about that yet. I did put beads on my pair of African Women, and I wove sparkly thread into their jewelry.

DSC05280Looking good?

I’m getting ready for a visit to Prairie Star Quilt Guild next Monday and Tuesday. We have a full day AFLE class planned, with a lecture in the evening on Monday. On Tuesday I switch gears and present my Lessons Learned While Quilting lecture in the morning and a wool appliqué class in the afternoon. Julia has helped me with getting my first wool appliqué pattern drawn out and ready to print. I think they are going to look great! I’ll also have some of Ute’s wool to sell. I must admit attending to the business side of all of this is not my biggest strength, but I am trying.

I got a new batch of South African hand embroidery threads from House of Embroidery.

DSC05296They look even better in person. I really like the variegations in the multi-colored ones. I hope Monday’s students like them too.

But before then, there is more to be done. It’s a good job that I really do love hand stitching!!

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  1. Miss Nancy said:

    Love your work!!

    September 7, 2013

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