Slice and Insert Improvisation with Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering is one of the busiest people I know so I was delighted when I heard we had her booked to come to Riverwalk Quilters this week. Jacquie’s lecture on Tuesday was informative and entertaining with a great display of her stunning graphic quilts.

I made sure to pack my bags yesterday afternoon so I could get to class on time this morning. I set up on the back row, complete with tablecloth and a pillow for my chair…

We were scheduled for a class in Slice and Insert Improvisation. After a thorough demo and explanation of the technique we were ready to set to work. I made one block at a time, laying out my 1″ strips and then stitching everything together…

DSC06246     DSC06247     DSC06248

With three blocks made I thought I might have enough to assemble a quilt top. I played with them on the wall and, after a little advice from a few friends I soon had a plan. After another hour I had a top…

Here I am with Jacquie and the finished top.

DSC06254Not too bad for six hours? Please note we had coordinating outfits on… we even matched the quilt. Great minds think alike?

Just needs a good press and some quilting. I’m wondering if I could get it done before the wedding next week. What do you think?

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