Over the hills and far away

After a fun filled two weeks my parents left for home last Wednesday so who wants to stay in and wash sheets? Well not me, so I joined the Material Girls Bee for a field trip to Tammy Tadd’s in Sycamore. Loraine drove us all and before we’d even had time to ask “are we there yet?” there we were!

There was a welcome notice awaiting us in the front window so we knew we were in the right place.


So in we went…


We needed a team photo.


The team colors were rather fetching (my favorite). We had all read the e-mail….

There was lots to see and some difficult decisions to make but everyone played well and got back in the van happy. Then we payed a quick visit to the friendly folks at Paper Pieces before heading into town for refreshment at Nat’s on Maple.

it was a fun day out and the sheets were quite happy to wait until I got back…