Macomb County Quilt Guild, Michigan

My first e-mail contact with the Macomb County Quilt Guild was in February 2016. They became my first booking for 2018! For some reason I put them in my calendar as Macomb, Illinois… about 200 miles from home, certainly somewhere I would drive to. Once I enter a guild in my book I tend to get on life until about six months out when I like to check that I know what lecture and workshop have been chosen, and generally make sure everything is good to go.

So it was that this spring I was going through my contracts and realized that the Macomb County Quilters meet in Clinton Township, Michigan, more than 300 miles in completely the opposite direction!! Once we get to that many miles it is usually better to fly, especially when there is a very reasonable Southwest fare to be had. So that’s what I did. I booked a flight and Monday morning found me at Midway ready to board my flight to Detroit.

Linda and her husband Bill met me at DTW and whisked me to my hotel. I had a couple of hours to catch my breath and then it was Kathy’s turn to pick me up and take me to dinner before the meeting.

There was a good crowd for my Monday evening lecture. We started with some pictures…

What a great looking bunch! We enjoyed some Lessons Learned While Quilting together. A word of warning… if you laugh at my stories I might be encouraged to tell more, and then before you know it, you might know far more about than my life than you need to know…

Oh well, next up was show and tell.

I wasn’t very well positioned to get photographs so they are a lower resolution than I like šŸ™

We started with a magnificent Jaybird Gravity quilt.Then a cute collage bunny made with a Laura Heine design.Labyrinth Walk, designed by Christopher Walker aka The Guilty Quilter is always guaranteed to wow!This little quilt was designed for a Pam Holland challenge and won a prize!This quilter was showing her mom’s quilt. Her mom was in the crowd but was too shy (?) to show it herself. It was a fully reversible, quilt as you go piece and might get bigger one day!And one last one… Made from Tula Pink’s De la Luna collection.It was a good evening.

Next morning we were back in place, ready for a Walking Foot Quilting workshop with 24 participants raring to go.

I managed to take some pics of everyone at work.Everyone concentrated and a lot of stitching happened in the six hours we were together.

After all that planning and waiting all of a sudden we were done and it was time to go home again. Anita got me back to the airport in lots of time for my short flight to Chicago where Steve eventually turned up…

I have unpacked my bags, restocked my inventory of goodies, got a haircut and today I am packing again for a ten day trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts. I fly to Hartford tomorrow morning. I have a full itinerary of lectures and machine quilting workshops. I’m hoping to see some fall color… but wherever you go when you are with quilters you know you are going to have a good time šŸ™‚

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  1. Marian said:

    What a lovely week.

    October 4, 2018

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