It’s World Embroidery Day!

An email in my inbox this morning alerted me to the interesting fact that today is World Embroidery Day.

I asked my friend Mr. Google to tell me more and he took me to the Swedish Embroiderers’ Guild where I found this information,

“The initiative came from Kerstin Nettelblad and Skåne Sy-d, a local group of Broderiakademin, the Swedish Embroiderer’s Guild. The first World Embroidery Day took place in Vismarlöv in Sweden, on 30th July 2011.

In 2011 a local group belonging to Broderiakademin, Sweden’s Embroidery Guild, took the initiative to plan and create a special day to celebrate embroidery. World Embroidery Day was born. It is now celebrated annually, each year on July 30.”

I’ve got a busy day planned, getting ready for my four days teaching at STITCHES in Schaumburg later this week, but I just might fit a little hand sewing in this evening.How about you?

Do you have any embroidery stitching plans for today?


  1. Kara Jamison said:

    I’m reading this post as I just completed my latest butterfly (moth) from an earlier month of embroidery patterns!! So I am chuckling. I’m never in sync with the rest of the world ~ ~ and today I just might be!!! Now I’m off to research which butterflies I have missed so I can print and trace and keep on stitching. (My machine is at the sewing doc ~ ~ and I must keep busy stitching something!) Hopefully I will even get a picture posted on FB to join the celebration of completed butterflies.

    I love seeing your lovely works of art and straight, tidy stitchings.

    July 31, 2018
  2. Sandra Weimer said:

    I’ve been trying to do a bit of stitching each evening ever since I came home from Quilt Wyoming. Had company over the weekend so missed a couple days, but hoping to make it a habit.

    August 1, 2018

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