I made a (paisley) quilt!

I have been sewing. Sometimes it feels like I hardly make anything these days but I actually have a finished quilt to show you today…I put the twelve paisley designs I did last year into a quilt, just simple piecing, walking foot square spirals in the black parts and free motion mussels shells (they look like paisleys?) and then hand stitched embellishments… The hand stitching took a long time 🙂

Each design used one House of Embroidery mini collection of 5 colors. This one is Rainforest.
This one is Winter.I used a Free Spirit paisley design fabric for the back and the binding. I was running low on it for the binding so I made it a two color binding!!The paisley patterns and threads are available at Global Artisans so you could make a paisley quilt too.

And then…

Remember the butterflies?

I stitched another one. It’s a big butterfly…

I like it!Did you notice the needle weaving?

This butterfly is for something special. I didn’t take a picture of my finished project. It’s in the bottom of one of my 50lb bags that are packed for going to Santa Clara this evening. I’ll take a picture when I unpack and tell you all about it!

Yes, I’m off to Stitches West! There’s a lot of good stuff in my bags ready for my very full class schedule. Ten classes in four days need lots of supplies. I wonder what I’ll find to fill the space on the way home? I’m told it is a very big show so I’m sure I’ll find something…



  1. Anita B Marsh said:

    Wow! I love it – will you be at show & tell next week?

    February 19, 2019

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