Getting down to work at Quilt!Knit!Stitch! 2015

Those big bags presented a major challenge! But nothing this intrepid traveller couldn’t cope with… When in doubt I have learned to get my wallet out and pay someone so I got a cab to the Convention Center on Thursday morning. Yes, it’s only a few blocks but I decided it would be better to pay a few dollars than break the wheels on my suitcase and need to buy a new one in a strange town. The taxi driver didn’t seem over happy to get such a short ride but I hope he was cheerier after I had added a tip to the fare and smiled so very sweetly…

IMG_2681 I found my way around the center and into my morning’s classroom. A room of sewing machines all set up gives such a sense of possibilities. These were Baby Lock Arias, all set up by Debbie and ready to go.

IMG_2614 Thursday morning was Wrapped in Scraps and my students started coming in and unpacking while I got my table sorted. Samples, clothesline, thread, my favorite Clover ball point awl, thread strips, hand outs… Yes, I had them all. Plus, postcards, pins and just a few DVDs!!


Nine on the dot. After a quick demo we wrapped our clothesline and started with a nice flat base.


It didn’t take long and we were turning the sides.


Remember to smile! (makes for a much more flattering photograph)IMG_2630

Vicki did a great job!


Just bring the end in for a smooth finish…


And we were done. Just like that. Three hours flies by when you are having fun.

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