Embroidery finishes!

I’ve been working on some African Folklore Embroideries on off for the last five or so months… Somehow they all they came together in the past few days. Some are still just embroideries until I decide what to do with them…

First is the topiary, complete with sequin leaves.

DSC03694A close up of the central design,

DSC03695Here are the safari animals…


including a tortoise,

DSC03701a lion,

DSC03702a rhino,

DSC03703an elephant,

DSC03704and a giraffe.

DSC03705Not quite the Big Five but an interesting mix nevertheless!

Cupcakes with flower sequins and some beads…

DSC03713A zebra, very folk artish? Set in a frame on a quilted background for a handsome display.

DSC03717And last, but not least a firework display, complete with more sequins, star shapes this time.

DSC03724And a view from a different angle.

DSC03721Time to celebrate!

I will be vending at naperville quilts! 2013 in 2 days… I am expecting a Priority Mail package tomorrow with lots of kits and threads to sell. I’ll also be giving an embroidery demo on Saturday. I hope there will be lots of familiar faces in the crowd.

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  1. Barb B said:

    Beautiful work! I Especially enjoy the elephant design- so clever you are!

    May 8, 2013

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