Des Moines, here I come!

Well, I finally believe it! It’s on the web so it must be true…

I will be a full time faculty member at the AQS Quilt Week – Des Moines in October.

Registration opened for members yesterday and will be opened up to everyone else in a few weeks time. So, what will I be teaching?

First up is my Modern Quilt Sampler… pretty in pink. An opportunity to get to grips with best practices in cutting and piecing, lots of tips and tricks for everyone!

DSC03486Then there is my You Too Can Machine Quilt class. Designed for the hesitant quilter who needs a confidence boost we’ll put the feed dogs down and go home ready to practice.

DSC03499 Next comes Getting Started with English Paper Piecing. Why, what and how?

DSC03462 and then there is Beading on Fabric – the Basics. Learn how to add sparkle to a quilt with beads and make sure they stay where you put them!

DSC02688 DSC02690

I will also be at the All-Star Review with Traditional Stitches of African Folklore Embroidery.


I think I will be busy!!

Last year I had a quilt in the show, this year I’m teaching. It’s a wonderful opportunity. Could I be more excited?

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  1. Sue Gommel said:

    Nice! You’ll have so much fun!

    June 6, 2013

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