Celebrations and some stitching!

You might know that my birthday is actually the day before Christmas Eve… or Christmas Eve Eve some might say?

The numbers are getting bigger (this year was pretty significant) but the celebrations were kept to a minimum…

I received a new Pez dispenser that somebody thought might look like me.Thank you to the Nashville Redfords! I will find a place of honor to keep it.

I finished my project for Bonnie in the morning.I bought the kit back in 2012 or 13, probably at Road to California. It was a Laura Heine pattern and kit that included the zebra print, Minke for the backing  and a leopard print for binding. I just had to layer the fabrics with batting and free motion quilt around the lines, trim and apply narrow bias binding…

Good enough?It combines using Minke AND single fold bias binding (two of my unfavoritest things) but I did it… and in time to take to Wisconsin on Tuesday.

No pictures of Bonnie on her zebra skin throw but here’s one with Steve, not quite sure what do with the tiny squirmy thing in his arms 🙂We drove up to John and Joanne’s in time for lunch, enjoyed a short stroll out in the Wisconsin air,

attended the Christmas Eve service in Lake Mills, and then headed south to Rockford with the plan of being in place on Christmas morning.

Well, life is always an adventure and suffice to stay I woke up in Rockford, Steve joined us in time for breakfast.

Ruby and Benjamin posed in their Christmas PJ’s by the tree before getting dressed for the day.I think Ruby was pleased with her American Girl doll?Benjamin is going to be busy for a few hours assembling this Lunar Landing module.It was all remarkably civilized and relaxing… We ended the day with a walk around the Christmas lights at the Rockford Conservatory as the sun set over the river.I took some very social knitting with me on my travels… think stocking stitch beanie hat on circular needles but before we went I did finish two more of those Hana-Fukin sashiko samplers.

Lots of rows of running stitching followed by weaving with a second color. (BTW I used 8 weight hand dyed perle cotton from Global Artisans, Clover Sashiko needles for the stitches and a tapestry needle for the weaving.)

This one looks like rows of little flowers to me.
This next one demanded a little more attention to keep everything in the  right place.I think it was worth it?Steve asked me what I was making? I told him it was just fun to be stitching something with no purpose and no deadline, but I did do some research. Apparently these Kiguri Sashi (stitch and weave) Hana Fukin pieces are meant to be household cloths for everyday use… Mmm, I’m not too sure I’ll be using my squares for dusting but they definitely will be joined by more some time soon.

Now it’s the day after Christmas Day already. That would be Boxing Day in the UK but not here. Steve is going to be going into work at some point. James, Sarah and Christopher are planning a quick visit on their way home from Michigan to Wisconsin. I need to clear up the mess in my sewing room where I trimmed that Minke.

I do have one more trip before the end of the year. A special number birthday needs to be celebrated in style…

Always an adventure indeed!!


  1. Lynn Schmitt said:

    Happy Birthday Catherine! Sounds like a grand adventure. Love the stitching!

    December 27, 2019
  2. Marian said:

    Your shashiko is definitely more complex than mine. I will however, turn mine into a pillow top.

    December 27, 2019
  3. Sue H said:

    Beautiful embroidery!

    January 1, 2020
  4. Sharon Tucker said:

    Catherine, I am so excited to find you online! I borrowed your Modern Machine Quilting book from my local library, and it was great. I found two take-away tips that I will use forever in all my sewing. I have also added the book to my Amazon wish list so hopefully my family will get the hint when my birthday comes around. I am also interested in Sashiko, so it was an added bonus to see this post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    January 3, 2020
    • catherineredford said:

      Hi Sharon! So glad you enjoyed the book. I hope you get your own copy soon 🙂

      January 19, 2020

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