Busy, busy.

Christmas has come and gone, we’re almost half way through January… where have the days gone?

It was fun having the family home for Christmas. I got a couple of trees up and baby Jesus was in the stable… Here’s the multi colored tree in the family room.

and a close up of the “interesting” tree skirt …

Perhaps next year I’ll actually make a more “proper” one… (I’m not sure whether I mean 2010 or 2011 there)

It was very quiet once everyone went home but that did mean I had time to finish a project for Pieceful Heart Fabrics. Nancy had cut the kits for four of the quilts in the Mckenna Ryan series Back on the Farm and I was very happy to make the shop samples.

First we have Autumn Stroll.

Then Swing Low,

Pigs in a Blanket,

and last, but not least, Piggy-back Ride.

They were fun to do, all 31 hours I took to finish them and they look fine in the store too!

But it’s not all work. My social life does not come to a halt for anything so on a snowy morning, I set out as usual to go to breakfast.

The snow plows were having problems keeping up but when I finally arrived at Colonial Cafe but I was not the first. As I expected everyone made it to the table. It’s good to keep your priorities in order. Steve worked from home that day…

Tomorrow I’m off to warmer climes… California calls so I’ll be on the 1.30 plane. Sheila and I need a little adventure so we are going to go to the Road to California quilt show followed by a 5 day Stewart Gill City & Guilds Retreat Masterclass in Ontario. We’re still not sure what we’ll be up to but it seemed like a good idea when we signed up in August. No doubt it will be picture worthy…