Before I leave

Another day, another quilt shop!

On Saturday we needed a trip out in the sunshine so where better than Wickham Market, the home of Quilters Haven?

The store is in old half-timbered building, looking even better when my dad is standing out front…

DSC04673Inside, the smiling staff were ready to help.

DSC04671I bought a pattern and kit designed by store owner, Karin Hellaby, and some fun, seaside inspired fabrics. We didn’t actually get to the beach this visit, but there’s always next time.

DSC04697Shopping done we set off to explore the town. We found a fine looking church,

DSC04695with a very interesting collection box inside…

DSC04684 Who doesn’t need a fabric fund?!! (OK, my dad did explain it wasn’t that kind of fabric they were collecting for…)


Meanwhile, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my latest “good news”. While I have been away the National Quilting Association held their  2013 quilt show in Columbus and my African Folklore quilt actually won a ribbon! Second place in Small Quilts-Mixed Techniques. Needless to say, I am thrilled!

I have been stitching a little while I have been away and nearly have all the embroideries done for another AFLE quilt. I have also been snapping photos on my travels and want to make something new inspired by my two weeks here. I need to think on it some more but I do have some ideas…

I am flying home tomorrow. I might need to be a little creative to fit everything into my luggage. How many layers do I really want to wear when it is so warm here and likely to be just as hot when I arrive at O’Hare?

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