After the show was over…

I do have some good friends!

Pegg came back into Salt Lake City on Sunday afternoon and picked me up for an adventure in the mountains…

We drove up to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City and stopped for a quick photo of the Olympic ski jumps…
IMG_7055on our way to the Winter Games Museum. I am never (yes I can really use the term never) going to go down a ski jump or ride in a bobsled. I think I can also add any form of skiing and skating to the never ever list but it was still interesting to read all about it and see the training jump, where we watched intrepid young skiers come down the slope before doing backflips into the pool below.IMG_7058Seriously?

That water was not warm…

We drove past the slow melting site of the half pipe,IMG_7063before heading into Park City itself for a visit to the Park City Museum.

Here’s a view down Main Street of the historic town. Park City has re-invented itself in recent years after the demise of the silver mining industry. It’s a real happening place, with skiing and the Sundance Festival in the winter and all manner of outdoor activities in the summer.IMG_7065After all that excitement we made a stop at Pegg’s house. A storm was moving across the mountains and there was a grandstand view from the front window.IMG_7067But give it thirty minutes…the sun came out and wow! So beautiful…IMG_7068Time for dinner. That was dessert at the top of this post. Yum!

Well, all good things must come to an end and I left town reasonably early on Monday morning. A window seat gave me the opportunity for some spectacular mountain views on the way to Denver.
IMG_7075I switched my phone back from airplane mode to be greeted with the news my flight to Calgary would be delayed almost four hours. No problem. I filled the time with a little stitching and six gate changes!

I’m working on a series of Mayan hieroglyphics. Fun?
IMG_7080After the delay we had an uneventful flight into Calgary where it was very cloudy, so I have to admit my first view was none too scenic.IMG_7081Immigration was interesting, but I was allowed across the border and even wished a happy visit.

The delay led to a change of plans. A trip to the mountains came off the schedule and Tuesday became a catching up day, with a fun side trip to see the folks at Wonderfil thread. I love their trading name…IMG_7084

Who wouldn’t want to work for the Wonderful Network?

I’m in Calgary teaching at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. We started with a Walking Foot Quilting class. So far so good. You can be assured that I’ll have pictures in my next post but here’s one in the mean time…


We’re getting Happy Scrappy today. Good times!

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  1. Sue said:

    Looks like great fun. Beautiful country, no ruts this time!!

    May 27, 2016

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