Easter weekend in Nashville

I headed to the airport on Friday morning in plenty of time to get my flight south to Tennessee. With Steve, Julia, Matt, Benjamin and Ruby  and Joanne and John all over the ocean in England, Jonathan and Lauren had decided I shouldn’t be home alone for Easter…

Look who was waiting to see me!Lilly is now six months old, not quite sitting up on her own but full of character and smiles!

She’s beginning to enjoy solid food.

Prunes…On Saturday we went out and about and stopped for some pictures.The flowers are a few weeks ahead of ours in Illinois.

Tulips,and Irises.

Back at the house, the quilt I made for the baby shower is still being well used…and do you remember the smocked dress I made with a lot of help from Sheila back in 2012 and wrote about in a post in February that year? (I did do the smocking but really it was Sheila who made the dress.)

Ruby wore it for James and Sarah’s wedding.

Here it is again! Mom and daughter in their Easter frocks, all ready for church. Really Grandma! Haven’t you taken enough pictures?

Well probably… I flew home again yesterday late afternoon after a lovely couple of days. It was actually very late afternoon before we took off. Thunderstorms over Kentucky meant a detour to avoid the worst of the weather but there was a beautiful evening waiting for us at Midway.

I was stopped at a red light on Central Avenue for plenty of time to get a picture of the sunset.


No time for resting. I set my alarm for six this morning to put the finishing touches for my presentation for the NW Suburban Sewing friends in Palatine. We had fun. I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Sue H said:

    Lilly is a beautiful baby! Your sunset picture was truly a wonderful welcome! Glad you were able to spend time with family over the Easter weekend.

    April 18, 2017

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